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5 VVDI Prog: Multi-Prog+Adapter Xhorse VVDI Multi-Prog Programmer and Xhorse VH24 SOP44 & TSOP48+VH29 EEPROM & FLASH+VH30 SOP44+VH31 TSOP48 Adapters
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Product Description

Xhorse VVDI Multi-Prog Programmer and Xhorse VH24 SOP44 & TSOP48+VH29 EEPROM & FLASH+VH30 SOP44+VH31 TSOP48 Adapters

Xhorse Multi-Prog Programmer and Xhorse VH24 SOP44 & TSOP48+VH29 EEPROM & FLASH+VH30 SOP44+VH31 TSOP48 Adapters

Package Includes:
Xhorse Multi Prog Full Set
Xhorse XDMPO4GL VH24 SOP44 & TSOP48 Adapter work with Multi-Prog
Xhorse XDMPO5GL VH29 EEPROM & FLASH Adapter for 8 pin Chip
Xhorse XDMPO6GL VH30 SOP44 Solder Free Adapter
Xhorse XDMPO7GL VH31 TSOP48 Solder Free Adapter

What is the new feature of Multi-Prog?

  • Multi-Prog is with MQB48 license/ BMW Bench Read ISN, bind with Xhorse VVDI2/ key tool plus account, then your Key Tool Plus/ VVDI2 can use MQB48 function. (But please note key tool plus not shows MQB48 NEC35XX license activated, it can use Multi Prog to read NEC35XX data, KTP load data to add new key, if you want to use key tool plus to read NEC35XX directly, still need to buy NEC35XX license to activate)
  • Full replace VVDI Prog Programmer.
  • Newest Software Version: V1.1.3.0, Firmware V1.2.0
  • Newly support ECU TCU Clone.
  • Adds Vehicle Engine Data Calculation and Processing (MEDC17, EDC17).
  • Adds checksum correction function.
  • Adds data comparison function.
  • Support to write ISN.
  • Free Download Xhorse Multi-Prog Software
  • Free Download Xhorse Multi-Prog User Manual

Xhorse MULTI-PROG Pro-level  programmer is a reading and writing device for automotive chips, electronic modules, especially ECU modules. It integrates the programming, reading, writing and cloning functions of common automotive MCUs, automotive memory chips, common electronic modules and automotive ECU boards.

Multi-PROG Pro-level  programmer supports batch writing of chips, and batch writing of chips is often used in factories when production requires large-scale writing of chips. The types of writes supported are common memory series and common microcontroller series. For the specific usage of batch writing, please refer to the documentation of the factory usage mode that comes with the software.

Batch programming function: Multi-PROG devices support factory usage mode for batch programming of chips. In this mode, the functions of batch programming, offline programming, and file offline programming can be realized. The main difference between Xhorse VVDI PROG programmer and Xhorse MULTI-PROG Pro-level  programmer is that  MULTI-PROG Pro-level  programmer has the batch programming function but VVDI PROG programmer does not.

Xhorse VVDI Multi Prog Functions:

1. Read, Write and Clone ECU

  • BMW B48/ B58 reading ISN
  • BMW MSD80/ 81/ 85/ 87/ MSV90
  • Mercedes-Benz SIM271
  • BMW MSV80
  • VW BOSCH MED17 Series ECUo BMW N13/ N20/ N55/ B38/ TC17X
  • Support Marelli.Siemens.Delphi and other ECU manufacturers

2. Read, Write and Clone TCU
  • Volkswagen Audi Skoda DQ200, DQ250, VL381 TCU etc.
  • Porsche DL501 TCU
  • Ford Dodge and other MPS6 series TCU
  • BMW DKG, Mercedes-Benz VGS and other models TCU

3. Vehicle Engine Data Calculation and Processing
  • MED17/ EDC17 data processing

4. Support Flexible Extension of Third-party Plug-ins
  • Support the development of third-party plug-ins and provide data processing and modification services

5. Read Write MCU
  • Support reading and writing MCU of various brands including Renesas, Motolora, NXP, Infineon, etc.
  • Support certain encrypted chip reading and writing

6. Read Write Vehicle Immo Module
  • Support Porsche, LandRover, Mercedes-Benz EZS, VOLVO, VW MQB dashboard, AUDI BCM2,etc.
  • Support modules including BMW EWS, CAS1/ CAS2/ CAS3/ CAS4+, FEM BDC.etc.
  • Support other common immo modules
Note: Compatible with Xhorse solder-free adapters and cables

7. Read & Write EEPROM
  • Support EEPROM and FLASH

8. Read Write Vehicle Dashboard
  • Support dashboard of VW, Honda, Hyundai, Kia .etc.
Multi Prog Specification:
Operating system: Linux
Processor: ZYNQ7020 Dual-core Cortex A9 +FPGA
Memory: 256M* 2 DDR+64M NOR FLASH
Display: 3.5-inch
Input voltage: 15V/4A
Working current: 300mA(14V)
Working temperatures: -20-50℃
Storage temperatures: -30-65℃
External interface: USB/RJ45
Dimensions: 233*150*54mm

Package List:
1pc x power cable
1pc x MCU DB15 cable
1pc x USB cable
1pc x Main unit + VH13 adapter
1pc x Power adapter
1pc x MCU cable
1pc x ECU cable
1pc x VH24 interface adapter board
1pc x VH20 interface adapter board
1pc x OBD cable
1pc x ECU DB15 cable
1pc x USB WiFi adapter
43pcs x ECU harness plug replacement parts

1pc*Xhorse XDMPO4GL VH24 SOP44 & TSOP48 Adapter
1pc*Xhorse XDMPO5GL VH29 EEPROM & FLASH Adapter for 8 pin Chip
1pc*Xhorse XDMPO6GL VH30 SOP44 Solder Free Adapter
1pc*Xhorse XDMPO7GL VH31 TSOP48 Solder Free Adapter

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Tech Support

Xhorse Multi Prog programmer released new software version on Feb, 26th, 2024. The new version now supports VAG MQB RH850 dashboard processors.


Database V11

2024-02-26 14:36:44
* MCU STM8S and STM8AF series wiring diagram update.
* MQB dashboard options process optimization and wiring diagram update.
* Repair NATS5-IMMO option in ->
+ Add SPC582B50, SPC582B54, SPC582B60, SPC584B60,
SPC584B64, SPC584B70, SPC584C70, SPC584C74, SPC584C80, SPC584E84,
SPC584G80, SPC584G84, SPC584N80,SPC58EC60, SPC58EC70,
SPC58EC74, SPC58EC80, SPC58EE84, SPC58EG80, SPC58EG84,
SPC58EN80, SPC58EN84, SPC58NE84, SPC58NG84, SPC58NH92,
SPC58NN84 options in->->
+ Add MQB-LOCK(D70F3423)-READ(WELD),

MQB48/49/5C-LOCK(R7F701407)-READ options in ->->
+ Add AUDI Q3 DASHBOARD(2018–)(D70F3426)-READ, AUDI Q3 DASHBOARD(2018–)(D70F3426)-WRITE options in ->
+ Add Q7 BCM2 J393(2016)(SPC5646C) option in ->
+ Add MOTO REPAIR-MC9S12XS256 option in ->
+ Add PCX(MC9S12G64) option in ->->
+ Add CRV(R7F701033)(WELD), XRV(D70F3634)(WELD), AVANCIER(R7F701033)(WELD), BREEZE(R7F701033)(WELD), VALEO MOTORCYCLE EPROM options in ->->
+ Add BCM(D70F3634)(WELD) option in ->->
+ Add GEELY AIRBAG(R7F701018) option in ->
+ Add Lithium Battery(MC9S12XET256) option in ->
+ Add JIEFANG DRAGON_V BCM option in ->

RH850/V850 requires extra MQB RH850/V850 cable for Multi Prog (purchase separately).

Keep updating more RH850 types.

MQB48/49/5C R7F701401 dashboard pinout
multi prog rh850

MQB48/49/5C R7F701402 dashboard pinout
multi prog rh850

MQB48/49/5C R7F701404 dashboard pinout
multi prog rh850

MQB48/49/5C R7F701407 dashboard pinout
multi prog rh850