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Condor XC-MINI Plus Key Cutting Machine with V5.1.6 VVDI MB BGA Tool Benz Key Programmer Free One Token Everyday + 1 Year BGA Token

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5 Condor XC-MINI Plus: MINI Plus and VVDI MB Condor XC-MINI Plus Key Cutting Machine with V5.1.6 VVDI MB BGA Tool Benz Key Programmer Free One Token Everyday + 1 Year BGA Token
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Product Description

  1. Xhorse Condor XC-MINI Plus VVDI MB BGA Tool,VVDI MB BAG tool is the one only for Condor key cutter,this bundle package suitable for customer who want both key programmer and key cutting machine.Save time and money with a combination package

Xhorse Condor XC-MINI Plus with VVDI MB BGA Tool One Token Free Everyday

>>This Combination package contains Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus + VVDI MB BGA Tool,
>>And you can get 1 free BGA Token every day and 1-year unlimited token subscription.
>>EU Warehouse Fast Shipping NO TAX

Top 6 Reasons to Get Condor XC-MINI Plus with VVDI MB BGA:

1. Update method: online updating
2. VVDI MB BGA Software: V5.1.6; Condor XC-MINI Plus Version: V3.6.6
3. VVDI BGA is Mainly used for key reading and writing, EIS tools, password calculation, key file preparing, ESL tools, ECU/Gearbox renew, and many special functions.
4. This bundle package will open the authorization well before shipment.
5. VVDI MB Tool Language: English, Polish, Spanish
6. Password Calculator Function one time free every day.

V5.1.1 VVDI MB Tool Update (2021-07-14 ) Require firmware V5.0.1 
BENZ V5.1.1
1. Release user manual V2.1 version
2. Bufix

Condor XC-MINI Plus Highlights:
1.Bind with VVDI MB Tool, VVDI MB Tool gets one token free every day.
2.Update online via Xhorse update kit software.
3.Newest Version: V3.5.9
4.Advanced Design Integrated Casting
5.Support More Than 60 Global Brand,2000 car Models, and 20000
6.All key Key Lost Database!
7.Condor XC-MINI accessory is compatible with CONDOR MINI Plus.

Condor Mini condor Plus New Features:
1) Space between the cover and the key is bigger than a mini condor, fit larger size keys, for XC-MINI many keys with casings like VW flip key will not allow you to close the cover.
2) The new screen is designed with an adjustable angle, easier to adjust the proper viewing angle.
Many times the machine is on a higher / desk and it's then difficult to operate and see what's on the screen.
3) Mounting support - to make it easier when mounting the machine on a Mobile unit as you don't want it flying around in the back of your VAN...
4) Multiple sealing designs to avoid debris. CONDOR XC-MINI Plus Key Cutting Machine Advantages:
1. Built-in Database
2. Support Multi-languages
3. 7'' Capacitive Touch Screen
4. 3-Axis Precision Ball Screw Transmission
5. Cross Rail
6. All Aluminum Machine Body
7. Single machine with both Tracer/Cutter
8. Standardly include 2 clamps M1/M2
9. Software supports online update
10. Support Sided/Track/Dimple/Tibbe keys
11. Some Dimple/Tibbe keys need optional clamps

1.Read Write Key
Identification key, IR read-write BE key, read v51, v67 version's key password by NEC adapter, read activate blank BGA (OCF4)key, key current HASH(repair), renew, write into the used NEC key, write smart key, etc.

2.Password Calculation
OBD read and calculate all (FBS3) can protocol EIS password, support BGA keys, NEC key, v51, v57 version password calculation, support all key lost W164, W216, W166, W209, W211, W212, W246, W212(old), W204, W207, etc, online calculation key password

3.ESL Tools
OBD (Kline) read data, Renew ESL, replace ESL (no need to renew EIS), check ESL damage, repair W204 ESL

4.Read/ Write Gateway
Support OBD repair KM: W204, W207, W212, W251, W164, W211, W221, W216, W166, W172, W232, W205, etc
Support reading writing gateway EEPROM and FLASH: W211/W/164/W204/W207/W212/W221/W216 etc

5.EIS Tools
Read 8 write ES by OBD or ROBD auto-detect, access to W164 W209 W211 without gateway. Read the old Motorola EIS(k-line)’s password.
Renew ES, Replace ES, enable key, Disable key. Personalize W204 ESL
Test ESL Status/Working key etc

6.Prepare Key File
Online generate v11, v41, v51 version's key file, support Motorola EIS
EPROM file, with high efficiency, 1009 successful generate

7.Program ECU/Gearbox/ISM
Support renew ECU, gearbox, and SM, write in VN, personalized, etc

Package List
1set* Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus
  • 1pc x CONDOR XC-MINI Plus Machine Body
  • 1pc x 1.5mm Cutter
  • 1pc x 2.5mm Cutter
  • 2pc x 1.0mm Probe
  • 1pc x Power cord (1.5m)
  • 1pc x USB Cable(1.5m)
  • 1pc x Brush
  • 1pc x M1 Clamp for Single/Double-sided keys
  • 1pc x M2 Clamp for Channel-track keys
  • 1pc x Quick Start Guide
  • 1pc x User Manual
1set*VVDI MB BGA tool
  • 1pc x VVDI-MB TOOL device
  • 1pc x IR adaptor
  • 1pc x USB cable
  • 2pcs x NEC adaptor
  • 1pc x NEC adaptor base PCB
  • 1pc x K Line in OBD line
  • 1pc x OBD line

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How to use VVDI MB BGA Tool Renew EIS of W204/W207?

CONDOR XC-MINI Key Cutting Machine UNBOXING Video

How to use condor xc-mini to cut nissan nsn14 key

IKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Key Cutting Machine Interface Overview

Tech Support

How to Operate iKeycutter Condor XC-Mini
For more detailed pics,you cna check our guide:http://www.xhorsevvdi.com/upload/pro/new-condor-xc-mini-user-manual.pdf

     How to use “Key Database”
        User need to supply the key code, then can cutting the key.
      1)Enter the Main interface, Click on Key Database
      2)Choose the Car Brand, Click on Confirm
      3)Enter the key code.Click on Confirm
      4)Enter the key serial code  Click on Confirm
       5) The Bitting Code will be found in the database, and it will be shown on the screen,Click on Cut to start.

How to use “Key Duplication”
    User need to supply the Car type and Year of the production
    1) Enter the Main interface, Click on Key Duplication
    2) Choose the Car Maker .Click on Confirm
    3)Choose Car Type, Click on Confirm
    4)Choose the Car type and Year of the production, Click on Confirm.
    5)Put the original Key in the properly position of the clamp display on the screen, then Click on Decode Key.
    6)Verify bit code and modify bit code if needed, Click on Cut to start

How to use “Cut by Bitting”
   There are 2 methods to get the key using Cut by Bitting
   Method 1:without the origin key using Cut by Bitting
     1) Enter the Main interface, Click on Cut by Bitting
     2) Choose the Blank Key, Click on Confirm
     3) ①Select Key Type  ②Click on Confirm
     4) ①Put the Blank Key in the properly position of the clamp display on the screen
            ②Enter bitting and verify, then click on Cut to start

       Method 2:existing the origin key using Cut by Bitting
      1)Choose the Blank Key, Click on Confirm
      2)Select Key Type, Click on Confirm
      3)Click on Decode Key, the found bitting will display on the screen
      4)Verify bitting and modify bitting if needed, Click on Cut to start。

How to use “Find Bitting”
      Parts of the car are missing bitting on door lock/trunk lock/ignition lock, enter unknown bitting as "?"

     1)Enter the Main interface, Click on Find Bitting
     2)①Select Car Maker             ②Click on Confirm
     3)①Select the Blank Key       ②Click on Confirm
     4)  ①Select Key Type              ②Click on Confirm
     5)①Enter known bitting
           ②Enter unknown bitting as "?"
           ③Click on Find Bitting Code

      6)Possible key bitting will be listed. Note that system has sorted the codes by the most economical way in order to save blank keys. For example, the bitting under " First key" only needs three blank keys, the bitting under "Second Key" need another three blank keys, then the "third Key".

How to Update Condor XC-MINI Key Cutting Machine?

1.Connect MINI CONDOR with your computer by USB cable.

2.Turn on key cutting machine.

3.Run Update Tool software,you can download from this link:http://www.xhorsevvdi.com/upload/pro/condor-xc-mini-update.zip

4.Click update online button to start update.

5.Wait for the process.Finish.

VVDI Benz BGA tool Feedback:

1. i test password from 212 new model super good tool need pay 2 tokens need 10 min all ok
2. Do you have see video of this tool?They say can do all key lost on w212.No tool can do it even Mehaco or nec pro51.

w212 eis on video, sure it can.. mehaco/mercedesinstrument can do all keys lost on w212.. the option is availible a few months.

I try to collect list of OK and K.O. experiences with IR pass reading with VVDI BGA TOOL
W210: EIS/EZS A208.545.01.08 - MCU ??? -read PSW IR - not successful 
W210: EIS/EZS A210.545.02.08 - MCU 1D69J - read PSW IR - not successful 
W210: EIS/EZS A210.545.03.08 - MCU 1D69J - read PSW IR - not successful 
W210: EIS/EZS A210.545.00.08 - MCU 0D69J - read PSW IR - not successful 
W215: EIS/EZS A215.545.00.08 - MCU 0D69J - read PSW IR - not successful 
W215: EIS/EZS A215.545.08.08 - MCU 1L85D - read PSW IR - not successful 
W203: EIS/EZS A203.545.05.08 - MCU ??? - read PSW IR - OK 
W203: EIS/EZS A203.545.05.08 - MCU 1J35D - read PSW - OK 
W203: EIS/EZS A209.545.09.08 - MCU 1L85D - read PSW IR - not successful 
W220: EIS/EZS A215.545.02.08 - MCU ??? - read PSW IR - OK 
W220:EIS/EZS A215.545.00.08 - MCU 1D69J read PSW IR - not successfulW639: EIS/EZS A639.545.05.08 - MCU 2x 1L02Y - read PSW IR - not successful 
W639: EIS/EZS A639.545.09.08 - MCU 0L01Y - read PSW IR/OBD - not successful
I Can guarantee it will not read ANY WITH HC05 
1D69J/0D69J cannot be read by IR alone - A calculation with kline is possible.
read a w203 A203.545.05.08 with mask 1J35d password ok
W203 IES 203 545 05 08 read PSW IR OK
W 220 IES 215 545 02 08 read PSW IR – OK

Only support parts of HC05, HC08 motorola eis(K line),if cannot support will show error, need to remove eis get eeprom. 
We have tested W215 ok, but not means all W215 can support.in fact only support parts of this type.

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