Xhorse V5.0.7 VVDI Prog Programmer with Full 12 Adapters Newly add BOSH ECU Adapter DHL Free

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Product Description

Xhorse VVDI Prog Programmer with All adapters including ews4, ews3, pcf79xx, m35080/d80, TF28xx, EEPROM Clip, MC68HC05X32(QFP64), AM29FxxxBx-xxs, MC68HC05BX,TMS370, Benz EZS adapter,BOSH ECU Adapter

Xhorse VVDI Prog Programmer with Full 12 Adapters Newly Add BOSH ECU Adapter

TOP 5 Reasons to Get Xhorse VVDI PROG:
1. VVDI PROG Software: V5.0.7
VVDI PROG Firmware: 2.0.0

2. Multi-Language: English, Arabic, Czech, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese
3.VVDI Prog read BMW ISN
Once you buy VVDI Prog programmer, you can get free BMW ISN read function and NEC, MPC, Infineon etc chip continuously update service. If it supports to read BMW ISN, after click read, it will show the ISN automatically like follow pic shows.
4. Xhorse VVDI PROG Support UK/Russia Local Shipping, NO Tax, Arrive Fast.
5. Package includes VVDI PROG Default package and 11 optional adapters.

VVDI Prog optional adapters, here is the list:

Adapter Name Item NO. Product Pic Price(USD)
TB28FXXX adapter SO370 TB28FXXX adapter 44.99
PCF79XX adapter SO363 PCF79XX adapter 44.99
M35080/D80 adapter SK232 M35080/D80 adapter 40.00
EWS3 adapter SK230 EWS3 adapter 40.00
EWS4 adapter SK234 EWS4 adapter 42.99
EEPROM CLIP adapter SK233 EEPROM CLIP adapter 50.00
TMS370 adapter SO459 TMS370 adapter 39.99
AM29FXXX adapter SO450 AM29FXXX adapter 39.99
MC68HC05BX adapter SO452 MC68HC05BX  adapter 29.99
MC68HC05X32 adapter SO451 MC68HC05X32  adapter 29.99
Benz EZS Adapter SO453 Benz EZS Adapter 349.00
BOSH ECU Adapter SF257 BOSH ECU Adapter 109.00

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Tech Support

VVDI Prog can support to read MC9S12XE, and here we will share some info about MC9S12XE Chip.

1.Dflash and EEPROM
DFLASH and EEE share a data space, which can be understood as the data space in HDD, and then DFLASH and EEE are partitions on the hard disk. For example, DFLASH is the C drive and EEE is the D drive. We can give the entire hard drive to the C drive or all to the D drive, or the C drive and D drive can exist at the same time.

The size of all MC9S12XE series chips is 32KB, if all parts are given to DFLASH, DFLASH is 32KB (BMW CAS4+ is divided in this way, so CAS4+ does not have EEE). If the entire part is given to EEE, the size of EEE is 4KB (roughly understood as 8KB of data that EEE needs to occupy per 1KB, if EEE is 4KB, all 32K of space will be fully used, such as BMW E chassis FRM) Part to DFLASH and part to EEE (DFLASH+EEE*8<=32kb, such as Land Rover KVM) EEE allocates 1K to occupy 8K of space, because part of the space is used for caching. The size of DFLASH and EEE can read the size information (that is, the partition information) under the normal condition of the chip. When using xhorse products like VVDI Prog to read the 9S12XE chip, it will automatically read the data of the corresponding size according to the chip partition information.

The following situations require attention:

.1 The chip supports direct use without partitions (similar to HDD only C drive). In this case, the partition information read is FFFFF (the software will prompt the partition is abnormal), and the actual data is DFLASH 32K, EEE no data (some modules will be like this)

*If a module prompts a partition error when reading data, but the module itself can work normally, it is used directly without partitions.

.2 There is a certain probability that the chip will lose the partition information during normal operation. In this case, the partition information read is also FFFF (for example, BMW E chassis FRM).

*In this case, the module usually does not work normally

*When the partition information is lost, it is meaningless to read the EEE space. The data read will change every time, not related to the real data.

*In the case of loss of partition information, forcibly set the size of DFLASH to 32kb, the actual DFLASH and EEE data can be read out (note that the EEE data is not real data after being read, and it needs to be converted by algorithm to become real EEE data)

.3 The chip cannot directly read EEE data through the backup read option in the encrypted state, so if you need to read EEE data like Land Rover KVM, you must unlock the chip first, and then read the EEE data.

2.Partition size and mask.

MC9S12XE series chip modules are partitioned normally;
BMW CAS4+ 32KB DFALSH encrypted byte FF

The BMW CAS4 uses the VVDI reading data and do key matching, no need encryption and decryption, but it needs to be unlocked and locked in the operation of adjusting km or writing data. After unlocking, the CAS computer cannot work normally without locking it.
Land Rover KVM 4KB DFLASH 2KB EEE encrypted byte FC

Land Rover KVM computer must be unlocked when the key is matched to read the data. After the key is generated, it must be locked. If it is to write a new data OBD match, there is no need to lock
Porsche BCM The first type 32KB DFLASH The second type 16K DFLASH 2KB EEE (*No valid data in EEE) Encrypted bytes 7D

If the Porsche matching key is OBD learning, you only need to backup and read the data without decryption.

If it is a direct write start, it needs to be unlocked, and after the data is reversed written back, then the lock is performed, otherwise the vehicle cannot work normally.

The following is the mask comparison table of MC9S12XE series. When encountering the memory of unknown module, you can check the following mask to find its corresponding type in the programmer.

[MC9S12XEP100/XEP768] The left side of the following data is the mask and the right side is the chip ID

0M22E 0xCC80 1M22E 0xCC80 2M22E 0xCC82 0M48H 0xCC90 1M48H 0xCC91 2M48H 0xCC92 3M48H 0xCC93 5M48H 0xCC94 0N35H 0xCC95 1N35H 0xCC95

[MC9S12XEQ512/XET512] The left side of the following data is the mask and the right side is the chip ID 0M25J 0xC480 1M25J 0xC481 2M25J 0xC482 3M25J 0xC482 0M12S 0xC483 1M12S 0xC483 ;[MC9S12XET256] 0M53J 0xC080 1M53J 0xC081 2M53J 0xC081 0N36H 0xC082 1N36H 0xC082 ;[MC9S12XEG256] 0M53J 0xC080 1M53J 0xC081 2M53J 0xC081 0N36H 0xC082 1N36H 0xC082 [MC9S12XEA256] The left side of the following data is the mask and the right side is the chip ID 1M53J 0xC081 2M53J 0xC081 0N36H 0xC082 1N36H 0xC082

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