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(EU/UK Ship) Xhorse VVDI Prog Bosh ECU Adapter Read BMW ECU N20 N55 B38 ISN Without Opening

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Product Description

VVDI Prog Bosh ECU Adapter Read BMW ECU N20 N55 B38 ISN Without Opening
VVDI Prog Bosh Adapter Read BMW ECU N20 N55 B38 ISN Without Damaging the ECU Shell

The VVDI Prog BOSCH ECU adapter can read Bosch ECU without damaging the ECU cover

V4.9.9 VVDI Prog Update newly Add B48(ADAPTER) option in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->, more will be added in future!
V4.9.0 VVDI PROG Update (2020-01-15)
+ Add MED17.7.1(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->
+ Add MED17.7.3(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->
+ Add EDC17C66(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->
+ Add EDC17C10(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->
+ Add MED17.0.7(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->  
+ Add EDC17CP47(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->
+ Add EDC17CP62(ADAPTER) options in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->
+ Add EDC17C57(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->
+ Add EDC17C58(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->  
+ Add MED17.9.3(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->   
+ Add EDC17CP55(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->
+ Add MED17.9(ADAPTER) options in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->
+ Add EDC17C60(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->
+ Add EDC17CP42(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->
+ Add MED17.4.4(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->  
+ Add MED17.9.63(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->    
+ Add EDC17C64(ADAPTER) options in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->    

V4.8.8 VVDI PROG newly add
+ Add MED17.1.62(ADAPTER) options in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->
+ Add EDC17CP57(ADAPTER), ME17.8.32(ADAPTER), MED17.7.2(ADAPTER),  MED17.7.3.1(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->
+ Add ME17.9.21.1(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->
+ Add  MED17.7.2(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->  
+ Add ME17.9.21.1(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->
+ Add ME17.9.52(ADAPTER),  EDC17C54(ADAPTER),  EDC17C74(ADAPTER),  EDC17CP44(ADAPTER),  ME17.1.1(ADAPTER),
  MED17.1.1(ADAPTER),  MED17.1.6(ADAPTER),  MED17.1.21(ADAPTER),  MED17.1.61(ADAPTER),  MED17.5.21(ADAPTER) options in
+ Add TOYOTA_ME17.9.52(ADAPTER)    options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->
+ Add EDC17CP48(ADAPTER),  EDC17CP68(ADAPTER) options in  <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->
vvdi prog adapter

V4.8.6 VVDI PROG Update Info: (2019-9-02)
* This version DON’t need update firmware
+ Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.8.6 version in Doc folder
+ Add ME17.5.22 (TC1724) (ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.4_Exx (N20) (ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.4_Exx (N20) (ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.4_Fxx (N20) (ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.9_Fxx (N20) (ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.9_Exx (N20) (ADAPTER), MED17.5.25 (TC1782) (ADAPTER), MED17_5_22 (TC1782) (ADAPTER), MEVD17_2_3(B38) (ADAPTER), MEVD17_2_K (B38) (ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.5 (ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.8 (ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.H (ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.P_Fxx (N20) (ADAPTER), MEVD17.2_Fxx (N55) (ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.G (N55) (ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.6 (N55) (ADAPTER)options in<10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->(Need BOSH ECU ADAPTER)
+ Add ME17.5.22(ADAPTER),MED17_5_25(ADAPTER) options in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->(Need BOSH ECU ADAPTER)

vvdi prog bosh ecu adapter
vvdi prog bosh ecu adapter

Package List:
1pc* VVDI PROG Bosh Adapter

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Tech Support

VVDI Prog read MEVD17.2.G(N55) with VDI Prog Bosh ECU Adapter
VVDI Prog read MEVD17.2.G(N55) with VDI Prog Bosh ECU Adapter

vvdi prog bmw

Connection Diagram

vvdi prog bmw

vvdi prog bmw


Do wiring with VVDI PROG BOSH ECU Adapter.

vvdi prog

Read Data.

vvdi prog

Save data.

vvdi prog

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