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Product Description

  1. Xhorse VVDI MINI Prog Programmer, read & write data without soldering, support reading & writing EEPROM/ECU data. etc
  2. Supports IOS & Android.

MINI Prog work with Xhorse app on IOS and Android

Xhorse MINI PROG, a professional smart programming device, provides users the most portable chip programming solution. The 3 different pin headers can be easily switched to read and write different chips and to satisfy different demands. The smart screen on the top of MINI PROG clearly shows the real-time working status. MINI PROG can be connected to your smartphone to intelligently complete the chip programming works via Bluetooth and WiFi.

MINI PROG Features:

  • Portable, Easy to use
  • No need to remove the chip
  • No need soldering
  • No need to cut the wire
  • No need to lift the pin
Xhorse MINI Prog Main Functions:
  • Directly read & write data without soldering
  • Support reading & writing EEPROM data
  • Support reading & writing ECU data
  • Accurately identify the pin connection status
  • Support repair of multiple modules
  • Connect to the APP via WiFi or Bluetooth; Connect to your smartphone (Android, IOS)
  • Support data local & cloud storage
  • Battery-powered device; Easy to use
  • More functions coming soon
mini prog function

MINI PROG Advantages


Other Programming Devices

Connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth and WiFi. To enhance the working efficiency and reduce communication failures.

Connect to the computer via USB cable. You might easily get a vehicle breakdown due to the bad contact caused by the USB cable port.

Support reading chip data without soldering.

Solder to PCB, which may lead to car breakdown or data loss if you are not good at soldering.

No need to dismantle the device or cut the wire. A user-friendly device for both green hands and experts.

Improper dismantling or cutting may increase the risk of car breakdown.

Support pin detection and report when it detects any problems. Largely avoid data loss.

Unable to check the status of pins and data loss may be easily caused due to solder skips.

Read & write most 8-pin ic chip data via its 3 pin headers directly without adapters.

Adapter needed and you need to spend a lot on buying all types of adapters.

Support multi-module reading & writing, such as EEPROM, ECU, etc. With this device, you can solve most of problems you encounter at work.

Support reading & writing a few modules only. You need to buy many devices to satisfy the needs of work.

Support data local & cloud storage, avoiding data loss due to misoperation.


Data loss may arise due to a lack of cloud storage.

Built-in battery ensures working without USB cables, saving a lot of trouble when you work outside.


Inconvenient to work outside with USB cable.

Provide professional technical backup. Problems can be resolved on Xhorse App directly by Xhorse technicians.

You can only seek help from the product

In terms of security, the hand-held programming pen is preset with a pin detection function: before reading data, it will detect whether the pin is in normal contact, to avoid the possibility of unreadable or lost data due to unclean pin processing. Backup function of data will also be added-when the data is successfully read, the system will automatically back up the data to the memory or cloud storage according to the operating time to avoid data loss caused by the lack of backup data.

If you use the MINI Prog programming pen to read the data, the data is automatically uploaded to your cloud account. Using the VVDI MAX, you can directly read the data write start without switching the device back and forth on the computer.

MINI Prog Structure:
mini prog

MINI Prog Package List:
Standard Configuration:

DB15 Cable * 1 pc
EEPROM Adapter * 1pc
Pin Headers *3 pcs
Pin Header 1 supports reading DIP8 chip
Pin Header 2 supports reading SOP8 wide-type package chip
Pin Header 3 supports reading SOP8 standard package chip
mini prog
Optional Adapters

MINI PROG currently supports optional adapters on VOLVO(KVM), BMW(CAS4), PORSCHE(BCM), LANDROVER(KVM).
mini prog adapter

BMW Adapters
DB15-DB25 adapter(for EWS4 adapter only), D80/35080,
ECU interface board kit
Porsche BCM
MB91F Dashboard Adapter
Honda FIT-H Honda FIT-L Hyundai SONATA
ECU Adapter Remote Renew Adapter
9S12XE cable MCU cable
DB9 cable 12V+5V power adapter Pin Header 4
* All adapters and cables above are optional and are not included in a standard configuration. You can contact us for purchase if you need them.

Contact US:
Email: sales@xhorsevvdi.com

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

xhorse key cutting machine

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Tech Support

1.How to use Xhorse MINI PROG Read EEPROM Data step-by-step
2.Move data from VVDI Mini Prog to keytool max / WhatsApp
MINI PROG Update Log: 
Xhorse MINI Prog V27

Xhorse MINI Prog V26/V25/V24/V23/V22
Fix some bug

Xhorse MINI Prog V21
Add BCM(R7F701033)(WELD) option in ->->
Add BCM(R7F701033)(WELD) option in ->->
Add BCM(R7F701033)(WELD) option in ->->

Xhorse MINI Prog V20/V19/V18/v17/v16
Fixed known bugs

Xhors e MINI Prog V15
+ Add Bora(2015-2020)(D70F3423) option in
+ Add SANTAN A(2015-2020)(D70F3423) option in
+ Add C-TREK(2015-2020)(D70F3423) option in
+ Add EIS-W203-1J74Y(ADAPTER)
options in ->->modify: IMMOBILIZER->BWM->EWS3(WELD)connecting scheme

Xhorse MINI Prog V14
1.Add DASHBOARD->VOLKSWAGEN>JettaJetta(2015-2020)(D70F3423)

Xhorse MINI Prog V13
2. Add I MMOBI LIZER-->VOLVO-->V40_CEM(95320)(WELD)

Xhorse MINI Prog V12
Add the data reading function of BMW ECU b48

Xhorse MINI Prog V11/V10/V9
Fix some known problems

Xhorse MINI Prog V8
1.Add Audi j518 adapter information
2.Fix the operation option bug.

Xhorse MINI Prog V7
Solve Some bugs

Xhorse MINI Prog V6
Improve the function of some operation objects

Xhorse MINI Prog V5
Fixed bug on option name

Xhorse MINI Prog V4
Fix VCC over current when operating BDC module

Xhorse MINI Prog V3/V2
Fix some bugs

Xhorse MINI Prog V2
update data

Xhorse MINI Prog V1
Public beta
Xhorse VVDI MINI Prog is able to read & write EEPROM/ECU data (i,e 24Cxx, 93cxx, 95xxx, 25xxx etc, about 95% eeprom types in market), meanwhile it allows the user to upload the data to one computer, to share with other Xhorse devices i.e Key Tool Max after login with the same Xhorse account , or to send the data to WhatsApp / Wechat QQ etc.

Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 01


VVDI MINI Prog read EEPROM AT24C04 (pressure) for example.

Look at the AT24C04 chip set.

Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 02


  1. Read the data using VVDI MINI Prog.

Select "EEPROM and FLASH" -> select manufacture ATMEL -> Select series (AT24CXX) -> Select model AT24C04 (pressure).

Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 03

Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 04

Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 05


It will display its information, adapter outlook and connection diagram. Tap "Read" and then "EEPROM".

Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 06 Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 07


Next, 1. use the tool to clear the chip pin, 2. Connect the device and the adapter.

Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 08


Then tap "Start Operation", there are 2 tips to follow:

1.Put the adapter on the chip (Press the light button to turn on the floodlight)

  1. Please click & continue below or press START on MINI Prog to start operation.

Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 09


EEPROM AT24C04 (pressure) reading successfully. click on "OK" to save the data. Meanwhile the green indicator on Mini Prog will lit up. It will tell you where the data is located.

Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 10 Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 11


  1. Transfer the eeprom data from VVDI Mini Pro to one computer.

Back to the home menu of Mini Pro, select "File Management" , there are two options : Local file and My data.

Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 12


Select " Local file" -> Mini -Prog -> AT24C04 (pressure). Tap the "..." and there will be options Move, share, upload etc, just tap "Upload" and then "Upload here" to my data, it will show "Upload successfully" and you can also back to "My data" to check if it contains the data file.

Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 14


Next, follow the 4 steps to transfer the data to the computer:

  1. Open the computer browser and input the website address http://i.xhorse.com/
  2. Click [Scan and login computer terminal] or use Xhorse APP to scan QR code to login in computer website.
  3. Upload the immo data tool to my data in computer.
  4. Open my data can load file in device.

Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 15 Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 16


  1. Share the eeprom data from VVDI Mini Pro to WhatsApp Wechat QQ

Back to " Local file" -> Mini -Prog -> AT24C04 (pressure). Tap the "...", select "Share" and then Send to WhatsApp, so that the Xhorse engineer will be able to assist you.

Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 17 Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 18


  1. Share the eeprom data to other Xhorse devices i.e Key Tool Max

Before transferring the data from Mini Pro, please combine your xhorse devices and login Xhorse account.

With Key Tool Max, enter "File Management" then "My Data" and you will see T24C04 (pressure) eeprom data, that is shared with Mini Prog (Login the same account).

Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 19 Vvdi Mini Prog Move Share Data 20

Good to know:

So far, VVDI Mini Prog, VVDI Key Tool Max, Key Tool Plus support transferring /sharing data to other devices.

MINI Prog Function:
mini prog function

Xhorse VVDI MINI Prog and other Programmer Comparison

mini prog
Optional parts & accessories