Fixed! VVDI Audi BCM Adapter "12V power not connected" Error

Trying to add key for Audi with encrypted BCM2, using VVDI Audi Solder-free Adapter. I have connected 12V power but why my Key Tool Plus keeps saying "12V power not connected or incorrect adapter connection"?

ktp error
bcm2 adapter

How to Check?
1)If the power is 12V, 3-5A
2)If the connection is correct

The customer's power supply is correct (12V, 4A), then we check the connection and find the
Key Tool Plus is connected via left DB15 port not DB25 port.

kpt port
Besides, the required cable is in Key Tool Plus package, not this one in VVDI BCM Adapter package (the cable that doesn't match is for VVDI PROG).
kpt port
ktp port
vvdi prog cable
ktp cable