How Dolphin XP-005 Cut VW HU162-T (9) All Key Lost with LISHI?

Here we'll show you how to decode VW MQB door lock and cut an HU162 9-cut key.
tools required

LISHI HU162-T (9)
Dolphin XP-005 Machine
Key Tool Plus Tablet

Step-by-step Procedures:
Select HU162-T (9) control.
Select "All Key Lost".
all key lost
Measure degree by LISHI before open and enter data in tablet.
lishi 1
lishi 2
lishi 3
Enter all 6 degrees, select "OK" and then "Calculate".
calculate bittings
calcualte bittings 2
calculate bittings 3
We get all bittings of three sides.
a side bit
b side bitting
c side bittings
When we go to B and C side, install new blade by another HU162-T Key.
insert key for b.c side
insert key for b.c side
Decode and cut all three sides.
key comparison

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