V7.0.0 VVDI2 Update Support decode Johnson controls immo data

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2.V7.0.0 VVDI2 Update Info 

2021-5-20 Require firmware V7.0.0

VAG V7.0.0
1. Support OBD access 5ND920873B(H510655, H520657): Support OBD backup eeprom, read immo data, key learn, change KM etc.
2. Support decode Johnson controls immo data: Make dealer key and key learn-Require load the data read by MINI PROG or KEYTOOL PLUS
    Support Jetta dashboard:   31G920850A, 31G920850B, 31G920850C, 31G920850F
     Support Santana dashboard: 34D920850C, 34D920850E, 34D920850G
3. Improvement for autodetect VAG immobilizer system
4. Bugfix

BMW V7.0.0
1. Support disable/enable keys for G-series
2. Support program FEM/BDC (unsupport version) directly, after programming can do unlock function
3. Support delete CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+ key position (in Edit key information)
4. Bugfix

Transponder Programmer V7.0.0
1. Immobilizer data tool: Support make key for the landrover(2015-2018) without write EEPROM back, direct start engine: require VVDI proximity remote
2. Immobilizer data tool: Euro->Fiat->Ducato->2010 - 95160 bugfix
3. Immobilizer data tool: Euro->Iveco->Daily->1999 93C56 bugfix
4. Immobilizer data tool: Aisa->Mitsubishi->Pajero->2000 - 68HC805 bugfix
5. Bugfix