how to distinguish Xhorse VVDI Smart Remote old type and new type?

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Xhorse VVDI smart remote keys are keeping updating and developing. And in the process of updating, a little part of keys can be only generated via old types keys of smart keys.
And we received feedback that when generate the proxy key, got the error “The latest remote no support (868.902 frequency), please use old remote (before June 2000) to generate.”
The error pic is like the following pics:

And this blog we will introduce how to distinguish old and new type of vvdi smart remote key
1. View the circuit board of the smart remote key
The new red frame position chip has pins on both sides, and the old one has pins on 4 sides

There is also a type with pins on both sides, but it is also an old type that the component is with 6 pins.
vvdi smart key

Here is the photo shared from customer

smart key

The old type and new type vvdi smart key difference is:
The new model does not support 868.902, the others are the same.

If you feel that it is troublesome to disassemble the key shell and take out the circuit board, you can also use key tool series to check. Here we will take vvdi key tool plus as an example, vvdi key tool, vvdi mini, key tool max also can be OK to check.

2. Enter key tool plus>>special function
key tool plus

VVDI Remote Function
key tool plus vvdi remote function

Detect remote
Put the smart remote into coil, then press detect.
key tool plus

And the result version will tell you how to distinguish:
The version lower than 2.0 is the old smart key, and version 2.0 or above is the new type VVDI smart key.
vvdi key tool plus

When use vvdi key tool plus, it get the error "Use VVDI Prox", please use MQB Smart key
mqb smart key