Condor XC-MINI Plus II Installation, Activation, Calibration and Update

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Xhorse Condor XC-MINI Plus II Key Cutting Machine Support Car Motorbike Household Keys with M3 and M5 Clamps

EU Ship No Tax Xhorse Condor XC-MINI Plus II Key Cutting Machine Support Car Motorbike Household Keys with M3 and M5 Clamps

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Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II Key Cutting Machine, 2nd Generation of Condor MINI Plus.
Next level working experience with AI Tech.
Support 8-core processor, engraving, dimple keys and household keys, with M3 and M5 clamps.
Part 1. Installation, Activation, Calibration and Update
Part 2. Condor XC-Mini Plus II New features
Part 3. Errors & Solutions

Part 1. Installation, Activation, Calibration and Update (Full details, please check: User Manual)

1. Installation
1.1 Install Cutter
1)Put the cutter into the mounting hole and make sure the cutter goes to the limit of the top.
2)Use the cutter tightening wrench to clockwise fix the cutter

1.2 Install Clamp
1)Loosen the clamp-tightening wrench by turning it counter-clockwise.
2)Select the correct clamp and slide in the clamp to the clamp holder and push it to the limit of left.
3)After the clamp is put in the clamp platform, turn the clamp tightening wrench clockwise.
condor ii
2. Activation
1)Select the machine language
2)After the machine is connected to the power cord, turn it on, enter the main interface, and click the “START TO SET” button
condor ii
3)Click to select a Wi-Fi network
condor ii
4)After entering the password, click the “Connect” button, and click “NEXT” below after success. (Login the XHORSE account)
condor ii
5)Users can choose account login or quick login (new users need to choose quick login and register)
condor ii
condor ii
6)After logging in successfully, click “Send” to bind the device.
condor ii
7)The device is successfully activated, click “START TO USE”.
condor ii

3. Calibration
This CONDOR II Machine adopts Android system, no need for “Height Calibration” and “Clamp Calibration”, just move the probe and the cutter to the top.
1)Enter the operation main interface and click on “Settings”.
condor ii
2)Click on “Cutting Calibration”.
condor ii
3)Operate by following the tips and click on “Continue”.
condor ii
4)Clean the cutter and probe and working area with a brush. Click on “Continue calibration” and  now the calibration is finished.
condor ii

4. Update
Connect the machine to the Internet, click “Update” in the upper right corner of the main page.
condor ii
Click the “UPDATE” button on the right to upgrade.
condor ii

Part 2. Compared with Condor XC-Mini Plus, what are the new features of Condor XC-Mini Plus II?

1. M5 clamp, clamp sides can be changed freely, fully replace M1, M2 clamp

m5 clamp

2. New HD screen, high definition screen minimizes eye fatigue

Xhorse Mini Plus Ii New Features 3

3. Engraving on key blade. You can engrave word on the key blade, like your key shop ads


4. More househould/motorcycle key data. Support more house keys with xhorse condor xc-mini plus ii key cutting machine


5. Manual Cutting. To narrow or thin a key blade
manual cut

Part 3. Errors & Solutions
1. error code: 20
2. error code: 55
3. error code: 2
4. error code: 1
5. error code: 56

1. "error code: 20 Spindle motor abnormal, rotate speed can't up to rated value"
error code 20
1)Unscrew all screws marked to remove protection cover and back case.
remove screws
remove screws
remove screws
2)Take out driver board.
driver board
3)Remove the resistor marked, then short-circuit two ends
remove resistor
4)Install all parts back

2. error code: 55 please input the original key (already cut)
error code 55
"Decode Key" button is designed for learning original (already cut) key when Add Key/Key Duplicating.
Machine will give this error when decoding a new key blank.
bmw 92r
For all key lost, enter key type, lishi lock to get bittings or search key code, and then click "Start Cutting" instead of "Decode".
start cutting

3. "error code: 2 Probe not detected"
error code 2
Incorrect key position.
wrong key position
Please put the key on the marked floor, tightened by the four cubes
key position
key position

4. error code: 1 Configuration exception, please do cutting calibration and clamp calibration again
error code 1
Do Height Calibration.
(Path: Settings>>Device Calibration>>Height Calibration)
height calibration

5. error code: 56 The cutter is short circuited, please check the cutter conductivity
error code 56
Solution: Disassemble Machine and check wires
Remove all screws to remove the screen.
remove screws
remove screw
Pull out the motor so we can see the screws on the motor case.
Remove screws to take the case down.
remove motor case
remove motor case
Loosen the screw and check if the cable is damaged.
check led wire
To remove the cable going through main motor, we need to remove the cable socket first.
remove motor
Remove the three screws of wires, and take LED lamp down.
remove motor
There are three black plastic parts on the screws, Do Not remove them.
black plastic part
remove case
Check if the four wires are damaged and screws are loose.
check 4 wires