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Xhorse VVDI2 Basic Module Free With VVDI2 Mini Remote Programmer

Xhorse VVDI2 Basic Module Free With VVDI2 Mini Remote Programmer

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Xhorse VVDI2 with Basic Module Update Online
Free With VVDI2 Mini Remote Programmer

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by Bouzayen on Jun 20, 2022
vvdi2 basic can generate 4A,4D,8A XM 38 Toyota lexus smart key?
Replied by Susie on Jun 20, 2022
Yes, it is supported.
by Deividas Bilius on Jan 19, 2022
Hello if i buy baisic version it will make bmw key on cas1 cas2 cas3 cas4 key and fem bdc if i have vvdi prog ?
and other question why key tool max not pair bmw key cas 2 cas 3 ?
Replied by Susie on Jan 19, 2022
Hello, no, this is only basic version. Please check vvdi2 full.
by Mr.Jay on Aug 19, 2017
hello, can this program 2011 vw touareg transponder key?
by Mr.Valeriy Stepanov on May 8, 2017
Here it is written that by buying the base version, I will not be able to update the software for BMW in the future. That is, the basic version, which could be done full, does not exist?
The fact is that elsewhere the site is written differently. That is, if I bought the base version, then I can update the software without problems.
What to believe?
Replied by Susie on May 8, 2017
Hello,dear Valeriy,
Thanks for your inquiry.
There is no doubt that vvdi2 basic version can udpate software to vvdi2 full version,but you need buy vvdi2 authorization service:
And after you purchase the serivce,provide us serial number,we will add you authorization for you,then after 30minute we inform is OK,you update vvdi2 firmware.
VVDI2 software and firmware both support update.And update software will finish in several minutes,without problems,please do not worry,we have added many times already.
by Mr.ibrahim on Jan 28, 2017
hello , if i buy this i can update next month to BMW obd authorizations and vag after ?....

i want to buy basic then after update to bmw obd authorazations do you have ?

thank you
Replied by Susie on Feb 3, 2017
Hello,yes,that will be OK.
You can pay for the vag bmw authorization after,give us the serial number,then we will add the authorization for you.
Best wishes.
by Enzo on Nov 30, 2016
Will your vvdi2 basic support BMW CAS4?
Thanks in advance.
Replied by Susie on Nov 30, 2016
Hello,thanks for your inquiry.
It is only can do transponder programming and J2534,for BMW,you'd better check VVDI2 BMW:
by Lina Nihas on Oct 25, 2016
Hello,i want to know vvdi2 basic version includes PSA software or not?
Replied by Susie on Oct 25, 2016
Hello,dear Nihas,
The VVDI2 Basic version does not includes PSA,it is with Transponder programming and J2534.
by Mr.Andrade on Sep 27, 2016
What is the vvdi2 mini remote programmer used to?
Replied by Susie on Sep 27, 2016
Hello,thanks very much for your support.
It is working with vvdi2 for remote function.
by Mr.Vincent Wong on Mar 26, 2016
Pls give discount to buy VAG update, in return I will help your engineers on adding new features and fixes bugs
Replied by Susie on Mar 29, 2016
Hello,Dear friend,
The VVDI2 basic needs at least 1080 USD to update to the VVDI 2 VAG version.
Best Regards
by coleen starr on Mar 1, 2016
i need 1pc vvdi shipping to spain
2pc vvdishipping to morrocco
Replied by Susie on Mar 2, 2016
Hello,Dear friend,

Pls check your email about the total price.

Best Regards
by toni ringo on Mar 1, 2016
Hello,so i must add money in future for SV-86B ??
Replied by Susie on Mar 1, 2016
Hello, Dear,


If you want to add vag, pls pay us the price difference.

Best Regards
by Mr.Alexi Rodriguez on Dec 25, 2015
cheap and fast delivery, I will test it today and let you know, thank you
Replied by Susie on Jan 5, 2016
Hello,Dear friend,
Thanks for your trust and support. Any questions, please contact us freely.
Best Regards
by Mr.Kenneth M. on Nov 13, 2015
Hello Emily did you ship my order or Not yet?
Replied by Susie on Nov 17, 2015
Hello,Dear friend,
Already shipped, and will give you tracking number today.
Best Regards
by Mr.Randy White on Oct 23, 2015
Hi, Emily. I still want to buy a remote programmer 50 USD. If I buy it, this will work? If it will work send an invoice.
Replied by Susie on Nov 2, 2015
Hello,Dear friend,
yes. It can work together with VVDI2.
We already send you  the paypal invoice. pls check
Best Regards
by Mr.K. Ingram on Oct 15, 2015
Would I be able to get my first unit for testing at the website price, And when I place my order in bulk, would I be able to purchase in a lower price.
Replied by Susie on Oct 19, 2015
Hello,Dear friend,
We will give you best price when you buy in bulk.
Best Regards
by Mr.Jim Summey on Oct 8, 2015
I want buy vvdi 2 version basic
Replied by Susie on Oct 9, 2015
Hello,Dear friend,
What can we do for you?
If any questions, pls feel free to contact us.

Best Regards
by Mr.Bin on Oct 4, 2015
Wath is include in basic module? From where i can donwload list?
Replied by Susie on Oct 7, 2015
Hello, Dear Mr.Bin,

Sorry for the late reply because of holiday.

We don't have the list showing the basic functions.
The vvdi 2 basic module is without VAG and BMW functions.
Other functions such as detect the remote control frequency,identify chip are available.

Best Regards
by Mr.Danny Moore on Sep 25, 2015
Hello, the difference of $1051 - is settled. Please send me then the SV86-B.

Thank You
Replied by Susie on Sep 28, 2015
Hello,Dear friend,
Already shipped your package and will give you the tracking number tomorrow.

Best Regards
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