Condor Key Cutting With VVDI MB Tool Get One Token Free

Dear Xhorse Customers,

We have several different key cutting machine,and condor key cutting machine bind with VVDI MB Tool,VVDI MB Tool can have discount,and you can have one token free everyday.

1.Condor MINI Plus with VVDI MB Tool
2.Condor Dolphon with VVDI MB Tool
3.If you have Condor XC-MINI or XC-007 key cutting machine before
,and not bind with other vvdi before,you can buy VVDI MB Tool (SK185-B) with discount price.
After you receive the machine,please send us photo like following,we bind for you,you can enjoy one token free everyday.

4.Condor XC-002 Key Cutting Machine

Condor XC-002 Manually Key Cutting Machine Plus VVDI MB BGA Tool Get One Token Free Everyday
It is only OK to bind with HKSK185 VVDI MB Tool,then you can have one token free everyday.