Xhorse VVDI2 2018 VW T6 AKL Programming Guide

This article is going to show you how to program 2018 VW T6 when all key lost using Xhorse VVDI2
Key Tool Max
XKB501EN Wire Remote

Connect VVDI2 to vehicle.
Enter VW Menu.
Try auto detect type, NEC 24C64.
4th immobilizer system - VW/ Skoda/ Seat>>Instrument with NEC+ 24C64 2014.06-
Try to read EEPROM.
Fail since we have to use a working key as required.
read fail
So we try to switch it to service mode for key programming.
service mode guide
Step 1
Record ABS coding.
abs coding
Step 2
Remove dashboard.
Read EEPROM 24C64 using VVDI PROG.
read eeprom
read eeprom
read eeprom
Step 3
Generate and write service dump
Back to VVDI2, click "Prepare service 24C64 EEPROM".
Load 24C64 eeprom file and save new dump file
load eeprom file
Write service dump back to chip using VVDI PROG.
Restore dashboard.
Step 4
Back to Xhorse VVDI2 homepage.
Step 5
Load original dump file and write it back via OBDII.
load ori dump file
Step 6
Here we just go on smoothly without a working key.
Then with the dashboard being dark, follow prompts to reset it.
reset dash guide
Read and save immo data.
read immo data
Here Prepare Dealer Key will fail.
prepare dealer key
So select
Key Learn>>MQB platform instrument immobilizer>>Instrument with NEC+ 24C64 MQB key
Then click "Make Dealer Key" and put a normal dealer key into coil.
Click "Immo data prepare key" and load immo data file.
load immo data
Step 7
Add key>>Learn key from immo data
Load immo data file and put chip close to ignition.
chip close to ignition
load immo data
Step 8
Reset Instrument.

Generate remote control using Key Tool Max and with XKB501EN Remote.
remote control
Learn remote control using VCDS.
learn remote