Xhorse Key Tool Plus Possible to Program 2019 Range Rover AKL?

Xhorse Key Tool Plus supports 2019 Range Rover all key lost?
jlr 2018+

Yes, for 2018- JLR OBD programming:

1.JLR of low specification
Add/ AKL by OBD
VVDI Remote Clone Key Info

Do Not overwrite original key position

2.JLR of high specification (most with Comfort Access)
Replace RFA module/CPU
Key Tool Plus rewrite data and program new keys
write data
kvm pinout
1)Low risk: JPLA, J9C3... High risk: K8D2...
2)Keep OEM Tool as an alternative
3)VVDI Tablet won't lock chip after programming
4)Support blank SPC560B60L3 chip, KTP has data
write chip data