Why Xhorse Key Tool Plus Read 4-Digit ISN from DME ME9.2.2?

My Xhorse Key Tool Plus just give me 4 digit ISN instead of 32 of BMW DME ME9.2.2
Someone can convert this 4 digit in 32?
ISN:F728, 2008 BMW 650i.
all tools ask for 32 how I’m supposed to do.
ecu isn
Here is the Solution:
Key Tool Plus Pad reads EGS ISN and after that use this to write key.
Read EEPROM (D-Flash) on bench, using EEPROM generate dealer key bottom option, and follow instructions on device. note that that key buttons will work straight away but you need repeating procedure (put key into device and ignition lock) till be able to start engine.

I was able to do it from EGS ISN.