VVDI2 Add Key for BMW Motorcycle C400X 4D via OBD Guide

How to add key for C400X 4D via OBD?
Run VVDI2 BMW software.
Go to
Key Learn>>Motorcycle Key Learn>>
Read key info.
read key info
Preprocess module.
1.Pre-process takes about 3 minutes, supply power to vehicle if voltage is too low
2.If part of functions don't work after pre-process, use BMW engineering software to program/code modules
Preprocess done, start car to make it work well.
start car
Read key info again, and it's unlocked now.
unlock key
Select a blank key position and click "Read Security Key".
read security key
Put a VVDI Super Chip into VVDI2 coil.
Security key info.
security key info
Click "Generate Dealer Key", and put
generate dealer key
Put new key info coil.
new key into coil
Key 3 generated successfully.
generate key 3
Read key 3 status.
read key 3 status
Done! That's how to add a key for BMW Motorcycle C400X 4D via OBD.

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