VVDI Super Chip Generate 2009 Honda Civic ID46 PCF7936 or PCF7937?

For a 2009 honda civic which id46 used for a VVDI Super Chip 7936/7937?
pcf7936 or 37

PCF7936 for Honda Civic 2006-2011.
To Generate, Select
Generate Transponder>>ID46 (PCF7936)>>New 7936 chip
new 7936

1.Generate transponder, pcf7936, New 7936. Works perfectly, just used for a 2010 Civic AKL job, both the flip and spare key work fine.

2.Already come configured for programming, but I still do not recommend super chip for honda, the frequency is very weak

3.Better use 7936 original so you don't have battles in programming

4.For honda and nissan you can program with the superchip without needing to generate anything, as they come are good

For Honda, Super Chip is not recommended since it may not support