How VVDI Key Tool Plus Add Key for VW T6 2016 MQB?

How to Add Key Volkswagen T6 2016 MQB Chip MQB48 by Xhorse XS Version Key + Key Tool Plus Pad?
VVDI Key Tool Plus identifies vehicle dashboard.
(Path: Immo Programming>>VW>>Automatically diagnose models)
auto read cluster type
Read Immo data.
Switch on ignition with working key.
turn on by working key
Try login method 1, get immo data within seconds.
read immo data
read immo
read eeprom
Reset instrument to get dash back.
read instrument
Back to
MQB Instrument Immo system>>Instrument-NEC+24C64 MQB key
Generate Remote.
generate remote
Load immo data to make dealer key using Xhorse XS Key MQB Type.
make dealer key
Insert new dealer key to ignition to learn key.
learn key
Back to
Remote system>>09 central control system (CAN) - BCM
Learn remote separately.
learn remote
That's how to add key for VW T6 2016 MQB.