VVDI Key Tool Plus Add Key for BMW 740Li 2015 CAS4

VVDI Key Tool Plus
Xhorse CAS4 Solder-free Adapter
BMW CAS Test Platform

1. Remove CAS4 Module
Remove the bottom panel and take out CAS4 module.

Mask 1N35H.

2. Read D-flash
Connect CAS4 Adapter to CAS4 module. (clear pin contacted and pieces locked)

cas4 adapter
cas4 adapter

Then connect CAS4 Adapter to Key Tool Plus.

key tool plus
On KTP, go to
Read and save D-flash.

read dflash
Read and save P-flash in case.

3. Make Dealer Key
Assemble CAS4 module again and connect it to BMW test platform and VVDI Tablet.

test platform
Put original key to the coil to turn on the platform.

key tool plus
On KTP, go to
Immo Programming>>Europe>>BMW>>Automatically diagnose models>>Generate keys via EEPROM
Put new key into KTP coil.
Make Dealer Key>>CAS4+ (5M48H/1N35H)
Load EEPROM(D-flash) file.
Select key position.
Select "Have a working key. Insert working key to programmer and continue".
Insert original key as prompts.

key tool plus
Take a screenshot of ISN in case.

key tool plus
Insert new key to make a dealer key.

make dealer key
Insert new key to test platform's coil.
Turn on/off platform for several time to make sure it works.

test platform
Install CAS4 module back to vehicle.

4. Cut Key Blade
Duplicate key blade by Dolphin XP005L Machine.

cut key

Done! That's how to add a key for BMW 740Li CAS4.

test key