Key Tool Plus Audi S5 2010 AKL Programming via OBD Guide

This article is going to show you how to program Audi S5 2010 AKL via OBD using VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad.
audi s5

Immo Programming>>Europe>>Audi>>Automatically diagnose models
5th immo system.
5th immo system
Read BCM2 Data>>OBD Identify BCM2 Type
Connect Key Tool Plus Pad to OBD port.
This model supports data reading via OBD.
sup obd
Read by OBDII>>Read BCM2 Data (OBD II)
Key count 2.
2 keys
Disconnect BCM module for 2-3 seconds
disconnect bcm
disconnect bcm
Perform "Read BCM2 Data (OBD II)" function again.
Read and save BCM2 data.
Enter "Make Dealer Key".
Select car model and load BCM2 data.
Put a new key into coil and write data in.
write data
Enter "Learn Key".
Load BCM2 data again.
Insert new key into/ close to ignition, turn on headlamp, and hold down brake.
load bcm data
Learn success.
learn success
That's how Key Tool Plus Tablet programs 2010 Audi S5 AKL via OBD.