How to Program VW Polo 2009 AKL by VVDI2 + VVDI PROG?

How to Program VW Polo 2009 all key lost by VVDI2 + VVDI PROG?
Step 1. Read Original Data
Connect VVDI PROG to VW cluster via clip adapter.
chip reading
Select "1-EEPROM&FLASH" "ST" "M24C32".
Read and save original data.

Step 2. Enter Service Mode
Go to VVDI2 software, enter VW menu.
Service Mode>>Prepare service 24C32 EEPROM
Load original data file.
load ori file
Save service mode file.
service mode file
Turn to VVDI PROG software,
Load service mode file and write it into instrument.
load service file

Step 3. Add Key
Connect VVDI2 to instrument.
Click "Read EEPROM/FLASH".
read eeprom
Save new EEPROM file.
Click "Read IMMO Data".
read immo data
Save immo file.
Put a new key into VVDI2 coil.
Click "Make Dealer Key".
make dealer key
Then select
Add Key>>Learn key, login with security code from immo data
Load immo data file.
load immo file
Key learn complete.
key learn