How to Program Honda Civic FD 2011 by Key Tool Max Pro?

Honda Civic FD 2011 Add Key using Key Tool Max Pro
ori new key
Original Key:

ID46 433MHZ

New Key:
XNHO00EN Wireless Remote

How to Add Key?
1.Generate Key
Turn on VVDI Max Pro, go to
Vehicle Remote>>Honda>>CIVIC FD>>civic FD_433_ID46 2161
Put new Key in the coil and generate it.
new key in

2.Program Key
Then go to
Immo programming>>Honda>>CIVIC>>Immo system-46 (2006-2011)
immo system 46
Select "Add a key".
Turn off the ignition and turn on again by working key.
Then turn on the ignition by new key.
Wait for response by the guide.
wait for response
Then turn off the ignition.
Turn on/ off by new key by the guide for several times.
Check if indicator light is off.
check indicator light
On& off again, then program completed.
on off again