How to Program BMW E87 2005 CAS2 when AKL by VVDI2?

BMW E87 2005 CAS2 AKL Programming by VVDI2 and New CAS Plug for VVDI2?
New CAS Plug for VVDI2

First we remove the CAS2 module.
FEM Module
The key to be programmed.
new key
Connect VVDI2 to CAS2 by VVDI2 CAS Plug and OBD cable, and supply 12v power.
Program Key
Open up VVDI2, and go to BMW programmer.
Click on "Connect", and we'll see the CAS2 info.
Here we have "the Key cutting code: 13383", and we'll cut the blade by this code.
key cutting code
Go to
Get Key Info>>Lost All Key
Lost All Key
Save Key Info.
Get Key Info
Put the new key into the coil, select "Key 4", and click on "Prepare dealer key with programmer".
Keyless? No.
not keyless
Key make okay. Add or repair by personal cases.
key make ok

Cut Key
Turn on Condor XC-Mini Plus.
Go to
Key Database>>BMW
Enter the key code "1338" to cut the key.
cut by code
decode result