How to Locate Toyota Smart Box during Smart Key AKL Programming?

One customer gave feedback that his Key Tool Plus Tablet cannot communicate with a 2020 Toyota RAV4 using Xhorse Toyota 8A Smart Key Adapter.

Through pictures of connection, he inserts cables into a module with pink case and only one plug, which is not smart box.
wrong smart box

So, How to Locate Smart Box?
Toyota smart box new type often features:
1. A black case (some old types have a grey/ brown case)
2. More than three plugs
3. Part number begins with "89990"


Then this customer locates right smart box and program keys successfully.

1. Plugs on Xhorse XDBASK Adapter could be inserted into other modules
2. Most smart boxes are behind glove box on passenger's side, some are under dashboard on driver's side
3. Most smart boxes have black case, more than three plugs and part number beginning with "89990"