How to Install Dolphin XP005L and XP007 in A Van?

This article is going to share with you how to mount Xhorse Key Cutting Machine in your van.
xp005l and xp007

Nissan NV 1500

Dolphin XP007 Manual Machine
Dolphin XP005L Auto Machine

How to Mount Machine in Van?
The XP007 Duplicator doesn't need to be on Internet ever so just screwed this directly onto vam
fix xp007

The Dolphin II does need the Internet and Wi-Fi works in driveway and hotspot works but it doesn't always like it on updates.
What I did is mounting it to a board and countersunk it on the bottom and there screws go through the board. I can take these off without tools if I need to drag it in the house to do an update.
install board under xp005l
install board under xp005l 2
Just have four corner, held down and can't move anything.
fix four corner
Got a power strip behind it and the power supply, and have switches on the chargers. Set Old Dolphin in the same way for a couple of years.
power stripe
Done! Simple and Nice!