How to bind Key Tool Max with Xhorse App account?

For ID48 transponder clone, it needs your vvdi key tool plus, key tool max, max pro, vvdi mini, bind with xhorse account , or it will have error

5000_Please use the Xhorse App to bind the device to the current login account before calculating

Then here is the step about how to bind key tool max with xhorse account

Firstly check whether you bind before or not

Check in Main Page>>Account>>Combine device

Combined device will display the device you already bind

It shows key tool max not bind yet

It has "combine device option" in the down corner

Choose KeyTOOL MAX

But key tool max will show:

Login device, select device information-combine device to bind

Back to key tool max page, and choose device info

Then in the page, choose "combine device"

Click "send", you will receive the code in your phone text, input the code, finish the process.