How Key Tool Max PRO Add New Key for BMW CAS3++?

Xhorse Key Tool Max Pro released new features about BMW CAS and Toyota 8A/4D. This articles is a test on adding a new key for BMW CAS3++.
Hook VVDI Max Pro to vehicle and start it.
Go to
IMMO Programming>>BMW>>Automatically diagnose models
auto diagnose
Read key information.
key info
Cas3 confirmed, and frequency 315MHZ.
cas3 info
1)For CAS ISTAP, firmware flash is required, which will cost about 10 minutes
2)Supply extra power if car battery is low
3)Backing up CAS eeprom and flash before operation is recommended
back up cas eeprom flash
back up cas eeprom and flash
Take away original key and start firmware flash.
firmware flash
After flash is done, switch ignition on.
Remove original key again.
Key info.
key info
Save and go back to main menu.
Select "Prepare dealer key with programmer".
Select key position.
Put new key into key coil of Key Tool Max Pro.
Smart key? No.
Make dealer key success.
make dealer key
Select "Add Key".
Put new key into coil again.
Read new key to verify.
key info to verify