Key Tool Max + Mini OBD Program 2015 Peugeot 208 AKL

2015 Peugeot 208 AKL Programming using Key Tool Max + Mini OBD
Step 1. Prepare Blade
Lishi door to get key bittings.
Turn on Dolphin XP005, connect it to Key Tool Max.
Enter HU83 7-cut control, enter key bittings.
Cut key.
cut key

Step 2. Read Password
Now we are in the vehicle.
Plug in MINI OBD Tool.
mini obd
On VVDI Max, switch to MINI OBD screen.
Immo Programming>>Peugeot
Now we are about to get the password.
So go on to select
Password reading>>Type 1 CAN (all key lost or adding)
read pin
Turn on the emergency light.
Open and close driver's door once.
PIN code.
pin code

Step 3. Key Programming
Select by model>>208>>Key Programming
Turn on the ignition.
Enter password.
enter pin code
Turn on/off the ignition by the prompt.
turn on off ignition
Program the 2nd key as the guide.
add 2nd key