Free Download Audi J518 ELV Emulator Dump Convertor

For some Audi J518 ELV, eeprom data file size is required to be converted before writing into J518 ELV emulator.
j518 convertor

Here we share a simple tool that allows you to convert 2kb dump file to 4kb one. Also, other sizes are supported on new V1.1.

Free Download:
V1.1 J518 EEPROM Convertor
(Unzip and run " J518_EEpromConverter.exe")

Before running software, .net core is required.
Download via
1.Accept auto prompt when running software
2.Click and Download

Then convert eeprom file, VVDI PROG writes it into Audi ELV Emulator, install back emulator, and you are good to go.
write it

Full Instruction: