Audi J518 ELV Emulator Program 128 256 EZS Instruction

Part 1. Audi 9S12DG 128 EZS
1.Read and save original data (always backup data first)

2.If original EEPROM data file size is 2KB, then users need to send file to us for converting it to a 4KB file

3.Connect VVDI PROG to J518 Emulator, and write edited EEPROM file.
Note: Select J518(2010)(0L01Y) for 256 chip
elv emulator

Generally, users write only edited EEPROM data, writing FLASH is not required.

Part 2. Audi 9S12DG 256 EZS

Read and save original data, and write original data into J518 ELV Emulator.

MC9S12 Reflash Cable:
Red=VCC, black=GND, yellow=RST, purple=BKGD, green =XCLKS, White=CLK, black=GND-C
elv emulator

J518 module has 2 types: with/without a buzzer.
elv emulator
1)PCB with a buzzer
elv emulator
2)PCB without a buzzer
Solder as PCB prints, same to that with a buzzer.
elv emulator

Note: VVDI programming cable can connect J518 module to VVDI PROG via 20pin port without soldering.
elv emulator

When programming is done, better test on vehicle instead of on bench.

To test on bench, check wires in 20pin port before any test, or it may damage emulator chip.

Incorrect wiring:
Cable in PIN10 (Red) should be in PIN20(Blue)
elv emulator
elv emulator