All Info on Xhorse VVDI Benz Key with/without Point

Xhorse recently released a new Benz VVDI BE Key Pro Yellow PCB without 200 points, so here we collect all VVDI Benz Key Type and some tips on them.
yellow pcb be key

Part 1. Token/Point

1.What is Token/Point for?
Calculate Key Pass Online
Add Key: 1 token (200 points)
All Key Lost : 2 tokens (400 points)

2.Where to Collect VVDI Benz Key's Point?
Key Tool Plus: Immo Programming>>Benz>>Select from system>>Points System
VVDI MB: Points System

Note: Now points can calculate pass directly, so we don't have to exchange points to tokens

Part 2. VVDI Benz Key List
Xhorse Benz Key Only PCB PCB + Case (No Panic Button) PCB + Case (with Panic Button)
BE Key Pro be key pcb be key full be key full panic
1pc/ 5pcs 1pc/ 5pcs/ 10pcs 1pc/ 5pcs
FBS3 Smart Key smart key pcb smart key full Null
1pc 1pc
1)MB Key Pass Online Calculation each time costs: 1 token (Add); 2 tokens (AKL)
2)Each key includes 200 points (1 mb token) for key pass online calculation
3)Only key cases from CN warehouse have Benz logo
4)If ori key has two batteries and benz is before 2011, FBS3 Smart Key only supports semi-smart functions
5)For any amount of key without a link, quotation via Skype/Whatsapp is welcome
6)Yellow BE Key Pro without 200 points can only be programmed via Xhorse Programmer of CN version or Other Programmers like CGDI or Autel

Part 3. How to Choose Benz Key with/without points?

1)VVDI Benz Key with 200 Points:

Locksmith mainly working with Xhorse Benz Key Programmer (VVDI MB/ Key Tool Plus).
New key with one-time password calculation, very convenient, don't have to buy extra MB Token mostly.

2)VVDI Benz Key without 200 Points

Locksmith with other key programmers. VVDI Benz Key can be programmed by other programmer.
Parts of Benz key programming don't need pass calculation, because we can get pass from BE key/ 51 57 key or Motorola EIS