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VVDI2 BMW with CAS4 Authorization and VVDI Prog Programmer Professional BMW Key Programmer

VVDI2 BMW with CAS4 Authorization and VVDI Prog Programmer Professional BMW Key Programmer

Item No. SV86-D-SK177-SV86-4
Manufacturer: Xhorse
5 stars, 8 reviews.
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VVDI2 BMW CAS4+ Function Authorization Service
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Buy It Now:US$235.00 10% off
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VVDI2 BMW with CAS4 Authorization and VVDI Prog,Professional BMW Key Programmer,works for BMW EWS and CAS1-CAS4+ car models,best key programming tool for BMW.
VVDI2 BMW with CAS4 Authorization and VVDI Prog BMW Key Programmer

1.We will add auhtorization after you receive VVDI2 BMW,please provide us VVDI2 serial number.
2.After we inform you CAS4 authorization service is OK,please wait more than 30 minutes,then update your VVDI2 BMW firmware,BMW CAS4 authorization will be added in your device.If not wait more than 30 minutes,the process will fail.
3. If you want to add VVDI2 BMW FEM/BDC function,if you have condor mini key cutting machine,price is 600USD.If without,price is 800USD.

Top 5 Reasons to Get VVDI2 BMW with VVDI Prog:

1.Package includes VVDI2 BMW full with CAS4 authorization + VVDI Prog full package.
2.VVDI2 Software Version:5.5.0; VVDI Prog:V4.7.1
3.Update method:VVDI2 and VVDI Prog support update online for both software and firmware.
4.VVDI2 BMW Lanugage:English,Italian,Spanish,Dutch,Hungarian,Polish.
   VVDI Prog Language: English,Arabic,Czech,French,Italian,Polish,Portuguese,Russian,Spanish,Turkish,Chinese
5.VVDI2 BMW support file make key,you can use VVDI Prog to read out dump file.
vvdi2 bmw support list

VVDI2 latest software V5.5.0 update 2018-05-15  Require firmware V5.5.0

BMW V5.5.0
1. Add support for ISTAP63/64 FEM/BDC, support following version: 
a. FEM 0000155E_016_114_020
b. FEM 0000155E_017_110_030
c. BDC 00002419_062_010_020
d. BDC 00002419_071_010_040
2. Bugfix for CAS4 file make key
3. Bugfix

Transponder Programmer V5.5.0
1. Add support for make proximity remotes - Prepare various proximity remotes with VVDI universal proximity remote(Require database version above 238)
2. Immobilizer data tool: bugfix for Euro->Fiat->Grand Punto 93C86
3. Immobilizer data tool: bugfix for Asia->Hyundai->Tiburon 2008 29F400
4. Immobilizer data tool: bugfix for Euro->Saab->9-3 1999 68HC05
5. Bugfix

VVDI2 - BMW FEM/BDC system(function released and available, just no user manual)

Users can refer to following information (3 steps for make keys:get key info->programming FEM/BDC system->make keys) make new key with ignition switch(support add spare key and all key lost, all key lost require ISN) reset FEM/BDC KM(cluster require reset manually) erase key(after erase the key position become blank position) backup coding restore coding
1.backup coding and restore coding can direct operation generally.
2.add keys, reset KM, erase key must programming FEM/BDC system first FEM/BDC interface, if 'get key info' the type not support, it will show:customer should use "BMW E-sys software" program FEM/BDC system.then programming FEM/BDC system with VVDI2-BMW
4.when operation on 'programming FEM/BDC system'interface,please don't close this software window until all procedures completed.
5.programming FEM/BDC system, require soldering and get eeprom.(FEM 95128 chip, BDC 95256 chip) usually there are 2 same chips on the module, please refer to the software diagram, select the correct one.
6.programming FEM/BDC system,must restore the original eeprom, restore coding.if cannot restore coding or after restore coding assemble FEM/BDC module back to car,but with problem(such as the remote control cannot start the car 
or the car with window problem)please use "BMW E-sys software" coding for FEM/BDC system
7.if connect power to FEM/BDC module, but the relay keep ringing,please contact technical support for help.usually operation on FEM/BDC should be ok,just need to programming.

VVDI2 BMW Functions:

EEPROM/KM/Synchronization Codes (OBD)
Read KM / Write KM
Synchronize DME-CAS, CAS-ELV
Key Learn
Get Key Info
Write Key Info
Load Key Info / Save Key Info
Prepare dealer key with programmer
Prepare dealer key with ignition switch
Add key
Program Key Info
Repair Keyless Key
Enable Key / Disable Key
Clear DTC / Clear Shadow
File Make Key
Unlock Key
Unlock with key info file
Unlock with CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+ EEPROM
File Change KM
Cluster (E Series): M35080 EEPROM dump
Cluster (F Series)

CAS Repair
CAS1(0K50E) OBDII Repair
ISTAP4* Version OBDII Repair
VVDI Prog Programmer Features:

Once you buy VVDI Prog programmer, you can get free BMW ISN read function and NEC, MPC, Infineon etc chip continuously update service.If it supports to read BMW ISN,after click read,it will show the ISN automatically like follow pic shows.

v4.7.1  VVDI Prog Update (2018-05-29)
* This version DON't need update firmware
* Fix some bugs
+ Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.7.1 version in Doc folder
+ Add PIC12F508, PIC12F509, PIC12F510,  PIC12F519,  PIC12F609,  PIC12HV609,  PIC12HV615,  PIC12F615,  PIC12F617,  PIC12F1571,  PIC12(L)F1571,  PIC12(L)F1572,  PIC12F1572,  PIC12F1612,  PIC12F1822,  PIC12F1840,  PIC12F752 options in <2-MCU>-><MICROSHIP-PIC12F>
+ Add PIC16F505,  PIC16(L)F1823,  PIC16(L)F1824,  PIC16(L)F1825,  PIC16(L)F1826,  PIC16(L)F1827,  PIC16(L)F1828,  PIC16(L)F1829,  PIC16(L)F1847,  PIC16(L)F1613,
  PIC16(L)F1614,  PIC16(L)F1615,  PIC16(L)F1618,  PIC16(L)F1619,  PIC16(L)F1508,  PIC16(L)F1509,  PIC16(L)F1503,  PIC16(L)F1507,  PIC16F610,  PIC16F616,
  PIC16HV610,  PIC16HV616,  PIC16(L)F1512,  PIC16(L)F1513,  PIC16(L)F1516,  PIC16(L)F1517,  PIC16(L)F1518,  PIC16(L)F1519,  PIC16(L)F1526,  PIC16(L)F1527,
  PIC16(L)F1713,  PIC16(L)F1716,  PIC16(L)F1717,  PIC16(L)F1718,  PIC16(L)F1719,  PIC16(L)F1703,  PIC16(L)F1704,  PIC16(L)F1705,  PIC16(L)F1707,  PIC16(L)F1708,
  PIC16(L)F1709,  PIC16(L)F18313,  PIC16(L)F18323,  PIC16(L)F18324,  PIC16(L)F18344,  PIC16(L)F17325,  PIC16(L)F17345,  PIC16(L)F18326,  PIC16(L)F18346,
  PIC16F72,  PIC16F54,  PIC16(L)F1946,  PIC16(L)F1936,  PIC16(L)F1937,  PIC16(L)F1933,  PIC16(L)F1934,  PIC16(L)F1938,  PIC16(L)F1939,  PIC16(L)F1947,
  PIC16LF1906,  PIC16LF1907,  PIC16LF1903,  PIC16LF1904,  PIC16LF1902,  PIC16F707,  PIC16(L)F1454,  PIC16(L)F1455,  PIC16(L)F1459,  PIC16(L)F1554,
  PIC16(L)F1559,  PIC16(L)F1566,  PIC16(L)F1567,  PIC16F506 options in  <2-MCU>-><MICROSHIP-PIC16F>
+ Add PIC18F252,  PIC18F242,  PIC18F442,  PIC18F452,  PIC18F248,  PIC18F258,  PIC18F448,  PIC18F458,  PIC18F1220,  PIC18F2220,  PIC18F4220,  PIC18F1320,
  PIC18F2320,  PIC18F4320, PIC18F1230,  PIC18F1330,  PIC18F2221,  PIC18F4221,  PIC18F4321,PIC18F2321,  PIC18F2331,  PIC18F4331,  PIC18F2431,  PIC18F4431,
  PIC18F2423,  PIC18F4423,  PIC18F2523,  PIC18F4523,  PIC18F23K20,  PIC18F43K20,  PIC18F24K20,  PIC18F44K20,  PIC18F25K20,  PIC18F45K20,  PIC18F26K20,
  PIC18F46K20,  PIC18F13K22,  PIC18F14K22,  PIC18F2480,  PIC18F4480,  PIC18F2580,  PIC18F4580,  PIC18F2455,  PIC18F4455,  PIC18F2550,  PIC18F4550,
  PIC18F2525,  PIC18F4525,  PIC18F2620,  PIC18F4620 options in  <2-MCU>-><MICROSHIP-PIC18F>
+ Add R5F64219,  R5F6421D,  R5F64216,  R5F6421A,  R5F64217,  R5F6421B,  R5F64218,  R5F6421C,  R5F64207,  R5F6420B,  R5F64206,  R5F6420A,  R5F64110,
  R5F64114,  R5F64111,  R5F64115,  R5F64112,  R5F64116,  R5F64165,  R5F64166,  R5F64167,  R5F64168,  R5F64169,  R5F6417A,  R5F6417B,  R5F64175,
  R5F64185,  R5F64176,  R5F64186,  R5F64177,  R5F64187,  R5F64178,  R5F64188,  R5F64179,  R5F64189,  R5F64116J,  R5F64117J,  R5F64118J,  R5F64116K,
  R5F64117K, R5F64118K,  R5F64116L,  R5F64117L,  R5F64118L,  R5F64116M,  R5F64117M,  R5F64118M,  R5F6442F,  R5F6445F,  R5F6442H,  R5F6445H options in
+ Add CS35(2017) option in  <7-AIRBAG>-><CHANGAN>   
+ Add FIT(2015) option in  <7-AIRBAG>-><HONDA> 
+ Add S3(2018) option in  <7-AIRBAG>-><LUXGEN> 
+ Add NEW-SANTAFE option in  <7-AIRBAG>-><HYUNDAI>   
+ Add FRM-F-SERIES-XDP512 option in  <8-OTHER>-><BMW>  
+ Add FRM-F-SERIES-XEP100 option in  <8-OTHER>-><BMW>   
+ Add MG_GT_ELEC_POWER_UNIT1(2017) option in  <8-OTHER>-><SAICMOTOR> 
+ Add MG_GT_ELEC_POWER_UNIT2(2017) option in  <8-OTHER>-><SAICMOTOR>  

Package List:
1*VVDI2 BMW full with CAS4 authorization
1*VVDI Prog full package

Contact Information:
Live Support: Chat with us online
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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