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VVDI PROG Programmer Technical Service

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V4.6.4 Xhorse VVDI PROG Programmer Update Online with Multi-Language (Support Ship From US)

V4.6.4 Xhorse VVDI PROG Programmer Update Online with Multi-Language (Support Ship From US)   Item No. SK177

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V4.6.3 VVDI PROG Programmer is with built-in software,high-speed USB communication,smart operation mode,Self-test function. Frequently update online free.Support Arabic,Czech,French,Italian,Polish,Portuguese,Russian,Spanish,Turkish,Chinese language.


VVDI PROG Programmer FAQs and VVDI Prog software installation,update steps
Q:When i use the VVDI Prog to read PCF7952 chip,it failed "Chip not connect",what can i do?
VVDI PROG connect
A:Please check the connection diagram,and the pins connection.

2.Q:About BMW ISN function?which bmw car models does it support?
A:If your BMW car is supported,the ISN will display automatically in the software.

3.Q:When i try to update,it got error "UNABLE TO FINDE EQUIPMENT "
vvdi prog update error

A:Please check driver installation and vvdi prog connection,try to update again.

4.Q:Will VVDI Prog support  BMW isn coding function?
A:No,VVDI Prog is used to read chip data,it can support read BMW ISN.

5.Q: VVDI Prog can do BMW CAS4 or not?
A:Yes,it can support,you can download the newest VVDI Prog software,and check type in software.

How to update VVDI Prog programmer software & firmware?
Open VVDI Prog software
Click the “Upgrade” button enter the upgrade interface, show as following picture:
vvdi prog update
Enter update interface, if software "show communication with server failed",please close your Anti-virus and computer firewall and retry. If software show "unable to find equipment", please reconnect device.
Tip information show the latest software version and upgrade information
Device information show the device SN, device firmware version and the latest firmware version
Firmware upgrade steps:
1. Select the firmware version
2. Click “Start Firmware Upgrade” button
3. Don’t close or pull out USB cable before upgrade finished

Software upgrade steps:
1. Click Software Link 1 or Software Link 2 button, download software from the web
2. Extract the file
vvdi prog update

vvdi prog package
1. VVDI PROG device
2. EEPROM socket
3. EEPROM adaptor
4. MC9S12 Reflash Cable V1
5. MCU Reflash Cable V2
6. ECU Reflash Cable
7. USB B-Tyte Cable
8. TB28FXXX adaptor (optional)
9. PCF79XX adaptor (optional)

VVDI Prog Read BMW  E Class MEVD1724 N20 Engine?

1.Start VVDI Prog software,and choose BMW E Class MEVD1724 N20 detailed type.
vvdi prog bmw

2.Click "Connection Diagram".
xhorse vvdi prog

3.Do the soldering according to the wiring diagram.
vvdi prog
vvdi prog diagram

4.Click read on the software menu.After finish reading,please save the data you have read.


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